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Buena Park is a place where families thrive. Giving residents an opportunity to invest in their future goals with a clean and safe city is a core need.
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I've learned firsthand the importance of all levels of government, schools, and organizations, working together for the common good.
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More than Beach Blvd, Buena Park should focus on creating a sustainable microeconomy with higher paying opportunities
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Clean And Safe Streets

Ensuring that Buena Park maintains a safe and clean environment for all its residents is a priority that requires consistent action. By investing in additional street cleaning options, implementing upgrades to street lighting for enhanced visibility and safety, streamlining our law enforcement presence for a more secure community, and fostering community policing initiatives, we are taking significant steps towards creating a thriving, vibrant neighborhood. These measures are not just about maintaining the status quo but about proactively creating opportunities for growth and community development in Buena Park.

Addressing Homelessness

I am committed to addressing homelessness in Buena Park with a focused and comprehensive strategy, prioritizing effective and actionable solutions. Understanding the pivotal role of mental health, we must work with our regional partners to expand mental health services, offering wide access to services and treatment for those in need. Additionally, we must be dedicated to fostering long-term stability through robust job training programs, equipping individuals with the necessary skills for sustainable employment. The only way we will continue to see positive movement is by continuously evaluating and refining our strategies, ensuring our actions lead to meaningful change and help our community members regain stability and self-sufficiency.

Interagency Collaboration

Having grown up in Buena Park, I’ve learned firsthand the importance of all levels of government working together for the common good. As your next Councilmember, my mission is clear: strengthen our community through key initiatives that prioritize collaboration, accessibility, and fiscal responsibility. 

I plan to enhance the way we connect with one another, ensuring our government is accessible and responsive to you. It’s about making smart decisions that reflect what our community really needs. I’ll push for improvements to our shared spaces—like parks and recreational facilities—making them safer and more enjoyable for everyone. We all deserve to take pride in these places that bring us together. 

Investing In Our Infrastructure

Investing in our infrastructure is vital to our city’s appeal. I am dedicated to investing in Buena Park’s public infrastructure, including our roads, parks, and public facilities. Prioritizing infrastructure improvements will enhance the quality of life for all Buena Park’s residents. 

Strengthening Our Local Economy + Protecting Jobs

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have firsthand experience with the challenges faced by local businesses and workers. As a Councilmember, I promise to advocate for streamlining procedures, attracting new industries, and fighting for living-wage jobs for Buena Park residents. We must prioritize a diverse array of job opportunities, including apprenticeships and trade skills, to support our community’s growth and prosperity. 

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