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Susan Sonne - Buena Park Mayor 2024
Susan Sonne

Mayor, City of Buena Park

Art Brown - Buena Park Councilmember
Art Brown

Buena Park City Council

Connor Traut - Buena Park City Council
Connor Traut

Buena Park City Council

Dr. "Beth" Swift

Former Buena Park Mayor, City Councilmember, School Board Member

Robert Juarez

Commander, American Legion Post 354

Ana Lilia Castro

Active Community Leader, Champion For Change OC

Fred Smith

Buena Park City Council (retired)

Virginia Vaughn

Buena Park City Council (retired)

Steve Berry

Buena Park City Council (retired)

Don McCay

Buena Park City Council (retired)

Dennis Salts

Trustee, Centralia School District (retired)

Christie Brown

Trustee, Savannah School District

Reverend Don Harbert

The Way Fellowship

Kim Bernice Nguyen

Councilmember, Garden Grove City Council

Kris Beard

Garden Grove City Council (retired)

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Trustee, Centralia School District

Bill Noe

Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Committee,
Buena Park Historical Society, and Board Member on the Buena Park Noon Lions

Henry Bouchot

Whittier City Council (retired)

Irene Castaneda

Buena Park Library Board (retired)

Jolynn Mahoney

Board Member, Giving Children Hope

Elia Perez

Community Employee

James Schoales

Planning Commission

Pradip Desai

Planning Commission

Mark Eades

Planning Commission

Yikwon Kim

Parks and Recreation Commission

Michael Weinstock

Parks and Recreation Commission

Silvia Hurtado

Cultural and Fine Arts Commission

Manuel Libeta

Senior Citizens Commission

Lisa Jessup

Navigation Advisory Commission

Dr. Ramachandra Rao

Human Relations Committee

Ken McKinney

Beautification-Environmental Commission

Paul Rodriguez

Citizens Advisory Committee

Kathleen Anderson

Traffic & Transportation Commission

Jimmy Vivar

Planning Commissioner, Costa Mesa

Linda Weinstock

Trustee, Savannah School District (former)

Albert Rivas

VP of Operations and Supply Chain, Nellson

Isidro Jimenez

Owner, Team Automotive

Lizbeth Flores

Buena Park Resident and Community Leader

Platform in Buena Park


Buena Park is a place where families thrive. Giving residents an opportunity to invest in their future goals with a clean and safe city is a core need.
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Continue fostering an equitable environment for students and adults to live their potential
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More than Beach Blvd, Buena Park should focus on creating a sustainable microeconomy with higher paying opportunities
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